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LA JOLLA is an athletic center focused on sport individual athletic training, remedial exercises, coming back to daily or whatever level sport activities after an injury, post-trauma re-conditioning and rehabilitative exercises, functional rehabilitation, individual or group postural training, individual or group low-impact gymnastic, pilates and yoga, TRX Suspension Training, kinesiology, gymnastic for kids/adults, specific gymnastic for the back, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, postural analisis, adapted pancafit methodology, flexibility test, body composition analysis (body fat anlysis, anthropometry), pre-seasonal ski training, weight programs, fitball workout, core stability and muscle strenghtening, gym, proprioception and respiratory rehabilitation.


We shape you up and we improve your sport performances:

With a variety of methods/approaches and diffent targets - check our fitness area, classes/group courses, sport athletic training.


We help you with your pre-existant and/or new physical issues:

According to the case, through our specific individual programs or with the post injury reeducation / pre-surgical strengthening.


We put at your service our specialists for a better and global approach:

We support your training, your performance and/or pre-existant and new physical issues with the specialists operating at our center.

Our athletic center

Motivation is try to and beeing able to beat the mind's limits, discover and beat your own limits, working hard in order to achieve your best. - Josefa Idem (ITA canoist)

Some of our highlighted services:

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Approach the game with no preset agendas and you will probably come away surprised at your overall efforts. - Phil Jackson (1 of the greatest coach in the NBA history)